Different Styles of Cabinets

Once you’ve decided on buying cabinets, be it custom or stock, there’s a couple different types from which you can choose from.

Inset Cabinets

These are what are called inset cabinets, where all of the drawers and doors are flush with the cabinet face frame. This is called the face frame of the cabinet.

It gives it a nice, clean look that, kind of, just folds into itself. You have this choice in custom but you don’t have this choice in stock. Stock cabinets will not sell you inset because they say it’s too expensive when really, their stock cabinets are coming from overseas and they can’t depend on the quality to get this kind of look. You’re much better off working with a someone who makes custom cabinets to make sure you get what you want. 

Partial Overlay Cabinets

Another type of cabinet is the overlay cabinet. In the example in the video it is just a partial overlay, exposing a lot of the wood around it. In the example in the video the drawers feature a soft close and the drawers also have a partial overlay to the cabinetry.

Full Overlay Cabinets

Another style of cabinetry is what’s called a full overlay. As you can see in the video with the custom bathroom cabinets, it’s almost just the drawers and doors are exposed and it gives, like the inset, a perfectly clean look with nice, very tight lines.

Need Cabinets of Your Own?

Steve’s Custom Cabinets has been working in custom cabinetry for over 20 years and can work with you to create the exact customs you need for your space. Please contact us and we talk about you