Custom Cabinets for Cable, WI

Cable, Wisconsin, is a quaint town in Bayfield County, Wisconsin. Cable has the distinction of being a racing mecca. It is the starting point of the American Birkebeiner cross-country skiing race.  It is end of the Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival mountain bike race and there are also many community events.

Steve’s Custom Cabinets Services for Cable, WI

Steve’s Custom Cabinets has been creating custom cabinets for over 20 years. That kind of business record stands for itself. They take great pride in all their projects. Each custom piece is fashioned with a high level of expertise and designed with quality in mind. Best of all: the projects are priced at a rate comparable to big box stores, plus it includes installation.

Steve’s Custom Cabinets works to completely customize your project to your exact desires.  Each person has their own style, and Steve’s takes that into account. A complete installation is included in the cost so there are no extra charges at the end.  

Steve’s Custom Cabinets goes over various cabinet styles, design, and the needs for your project.  They take pride in their past projects and display them in their online gallery.  

Steve’s Custom Cabinets serves homeowners throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin, and has done projects in Illinois and all the way down to Florida.

They have experience with all sorts of projects, including:

If you want to experience a custom cabinet remodel or talk to a professional about custom cabinets in Cable, contact Steve’s Custom Cabinets today!

Why You Need Custom Cabinets

Cabinets for years, have been  the boxy looks of old. Trending are cabinet components, and decorative elements in streamlined design styles.

Huge, boxy bathroom cabinets are being replaced by vanities with stylish legs and the kitchen cabinets on the walls are interspersed with hutches and pantries and pull outs that make the most of the space.

Attention to detail in custom cabinetry makes your room pop. The details with character and definition within the structure of the cabinets and cabinet layouts.

Contact Steve’s Custom Cabinets to learn how we can improve the look of your home.

Cable, Wisconsin, Businesses Servicing Home Needs

There are many businesses that can help you improve your home in the Cable area.

Northern Lakes Do It Best Hardware

Nearby Hayward’s largest and most complete hardware store for all your plumbing, electrical, hardware, household, paint, appliance, and lawn and garden needs.         

Andry Rasmussen & Sons, Inc.

Located in Cable, Wisconsin, Andry Rasmussen & Sons, Inc. offers professional commercial and residential plumbing, heating, cooling, and septic services serving the Cable and Hayward Areas and surrounding four county area.


Vanderploeg handles all your wooden flooring needs, in your price range for luxury or to repair your damaged flooring. Vanderploeg is an experienced company servicing needs for comprehensive range of flooring services.

NorthPoint Design Studio

NorthPoint Design is an interior design firm with a reputation for creating beautiful spaces.

KV Tech Construction

KV Tech Construction in Bayfield County is a versatile custom builder and remodeling firm and provides  a comfortable, durable, and energy efficient home.

Real Estate in Cable, WI

Whether it’s a cozy cottage worth $79,000 or a mansion by the lake worth $840,000, or something in between in the typical $300,00 range, the value of homes in Cable is better than most areas. And yet, the homes are affordable and beautiful. With so much to offer, the real estate market is competitive and if you are selling you need to position your house in the best possible light.

There are also many beautiful lots of land, and you might choose to custom build your dream home.If so, you want a great kitchen and bathroom with all the modern bells and whistles.

Increasing the value of your home

One of the fastest way to increase your home’s value is by increasing your kitchen’s appeal and the functionality and pizzaz of a bathroom.

In fact, creating a better kitchen and bath space, can increase your selling price by 35 percent. One of the best ways to do this is with custom cabinets.  

The kitchen is the heart of every home, and the cabinets make the kitchen.  Not only do custom kitchen cabinets enhance the kitchen with a great look but with wonderful storage and great functionality.  

Most people think just slapping a new coat of paint on existing cabinets will do the trick, but although it may look nice, it’s just a surface fix. The illusion quickly wears and you are still left with the old sagging cabinets, with fragile shelves that don’t hold the weight of dishes, and modern appliances.

Most people spend a great deal of their time in their kitchen. Potential buyers like a new and modern look and can walk away from a sale because of an outdated appearance.  People, especially younger buyers, like some of the new designs that make a kitchen and a bathroom efficient.

Whether you are in a comfortable family area, or a luxury market, the kitchen and the bathroom improvements can make the difference of someone buying your home or not. Also, if you just plan to stay, there’s nothing that gives your home a fresh feeling than a remodel.  

The History of Cable, WI

In 1659, the area was discovered by  Radisson and Groselliers. These French trappers from Three Rivers, Canada, hired Native Americans to take them via canoe across Lake Superior to the Head of the Chequamegon Bay. Pierre Raddison said, “The country is beautiful, with very few mountains, the woods clear.”

The 1836 Act of Congress designated Cable as part of as the Northwest Territory and it became a destination for people to come, live, and raise families.

The railroad came to Cable and it became a railroad center with 500 to 700 workers using it as their headquarters. The rail line from Hudson to Spooner was completed in December of 1879, and to Cable in November of 1880.

In August of 1895, one of the national newspapers wrote about Cable, “The elevation is just about right…and, with the purest air and water and abundance of wholesome food makes up such a happy combination that one’s health must certainly improve from the very start.”

The railroad helped make the area boom. By 1900 there were more and more people coming to settle in Cable and the vicinity. Although many people in Cable worked for the railroad in various capacities there were many other occupations for people in the area. From  tradesmen, to farmers, to doctors, to teachers and real estate agents, the burgeoning population was full of variety and was a supportive community.     

Soon the city became a tourist’s mecca.

Cable is a place where families come to visit the great outdoors, and where businesses grow and thrive. It is a wonderful area that attracts new residents every year. The community continues to evolve and grow and the housing market is booming.

The beauty and prosperity of Cable still exists, enhanced by the beautiful homes and great businesses that dot the area.  Cable is a great community to move and live in, as well as to visit for a weekend getaway.