Custom Living Room Cabinets

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Custom living room cabinets can turn your room from drab to fab! By adding beautiful and custom cabinets, you can create a fantastic room for entertaining and showcase your TV.

Instead of just propping your table on a boring TV stand, custom living room cabinets can show off your personality and style to your guests. By adding storage spaces you won’t have to shove DVDs in a bookcase or hide your cable box. With unique cabinets, tailored for you, all those annoying boxes and cords will be hidden and leave your room with a clean look.

You might be considering stock living room cabinets, but you’ll find that they are made from lower quality wood, will come in generic sizes, and you wood options are limited. When you purchase custom living room cabinets from us, we’ll build them to fit your exact measurements and be made from the superior wood. You’ll also to get pick what type of wood you want used so it fit seamlessly into your home.

Custom vs Stock Living Room Cabinets

With stock living room cabinets, you’re not able to utilize all the space you have available. Stock cabinets only come in set sizes, while custom can be made use all the room you have. Custom allows you to get a new piece of furniture that is unique just to you.

When you pick custom cabinets, you will get a higher quality piece with prime materials. Stock cabinets are often made from cheaper wood that result in a poor looking product that may not last as long as a custom piece.


With Steve’s Custom Cabinets, installation is included. You won’t be surprised by an additional charge on your bill or an unexpected delivery fee, it’s all included upfront.

With stock cabinets, you’re responsible for installation and it can be a confusing and frustrating experience. If you hire Steve’s Custom Cabinets, we’ll take care of it for you and leave your home spotless and looking better than ever with your custom living room cabinets.

Cost of Living Room Cabinets

When people hear “custom cabinets,” sometimes they think that means that mean cabinetry that will break the bank. Don’t let that scare you into buying stock. Custom cabinets allow you to show off your style and make your rooms chic, while also being affordable.

At Steve’s Custom Cabinets, we pride ourselves on providing superior work while being an affordable option for homeowners. Contact us to find out how much your custom project will cost.

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