Custom Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom cabinets

Custom bathroom cabinets can give an outdated restroom a facelift, as well as contribute to the value of a residence. For many people these days, a fashionable bath area is not a luxury, but a necessity for the sake of comfort. Steve’s Custom Cabinets designs specialized cabinetry work at prices to fit within individual’s budgets.

Custom vs. Stock Bathroom Cabinets

People might feel as though they can get great deals from purchasing stock bathroom cabinets from big box stores or out of a catalog; however, with pre-made factory items individuals are limited when it comes to particulars such as styles, colors and the proper sizes.

In some cases, inferior plywood, which is thin layers of laminated wood, with an insufficient amount of finish is presented to the customer as stock cabinetry.

In addition, since the standard measurements of stock cabinets are fixed, consumers might have to alter their bathroom blueprint and substitute with other pieces, hoping they fit.

When custom bathroom cabinets are created, they are made exclusively to the customer’s requirements. This means the craftsperson will produce whatever the homeowner has in mind. Since the contractor takes all the measurements, clients will not have to wonder if the cupboards will fit in a certain space or if the drawers extend and close properly.

If there are issues, the skilled woodworker is able to correct them, as they are available and right on the site, where the buyer can discuss their concerns.

Steve’s Custom Cabinets works are fashioned from genuine wood, which produces outstanding results that make a big difference in the appearance of the bathroom.

Various Creations

As mentioned previously, most stores carry a small range of bathroom cabinets, but Steve’s Custom Cabinets, offer a variety of custom bathroom cabinets and accessories made from the wood of oak, cherry, maple and more.

Steve also has an ample selection of door styles, finishes and hardware, so customers can allow the bathroom of their dreams to come to fruition.

We can also create custom bathroom vanities to make your bathroom stylish and sleek. We can make the bathroom vanity fashionable and functional to fit your needs.


Steve’s Custom Cabinets do not stop at just designing unique cabinets; we are committed to delivering and installing the handiwork.

Individuals never have to worry about an added cost for installation. We are upfront in letting the homeowner know the full fee beforehand, which includes the price of the installation so there are no unexpected surprises.

Premium, Yet Affordable

Exceptional custom bathroom cabinets do not have to cost a fortune. We believe in competitively priced cabinetry work. In fact, buying stock bathroom cabinets could end up costing more money because if they are poorly made, individuals will have to replace them in a short amount of time.

It is wise for customers to invest in cabinets that are built to last for the long haul.

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